Dear all trail runners

Dear all trail runners, Thank you very much for all the support to Hakuba International Trails.

We’re proud to have you here for this event for 8 years. As a matter of fact, we have to announce that the 9th Hakuba International Trails is not held in this year 2019 but postponed on June 2020. The reason we started this event is to maximize individual tourist’s opportunity to visit Hakuba Valley not only in winter ski season but also in the other season and to see and to feel the great nature that this area has. However, currently our trails are only able to be ran during event period and trail runners cannot appreciate the best of Hakuba anytime. Also, last year we have damaged several trails due to having the event in rainy condition, and those trails are needed to be maintained and rest for a while. After many discussions being had right after the last event, we decided to postpone the event and this year, we are going to develop new and sustainable trails that will be loved by all level of runners in anytime of year. It was one of the hardest decision we had to make, but one thing we were sure was that this period was necessary to have Hakuba International Trails as long as many trail runners support. We highly appreciate your understandings and hope we’ll see many of you running our new courses with the best smile on your face in this autumn. Sincerely, Keita Muto

Representative of Hakuba International Trails Committee

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